October - December 2010: 
Volume 23, Issue 4

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Pneumon 2010, 23(4):332
PNEUMON in the directory of open access journals
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PNEUMON, continuing its high level quality of publication, is now included in the list of the Directory of Open Access Journals (www.doaj.org). This leads to its increased visibility and availability to the users of open access journals.

For a journal to be included in this database “it should exercise quality control on submitted papers through an editor, editorial board and/or a peer-review system”. All the content of DOAJ is freely available without delay (e.g. no embargo period). A substantive part of the journals included should consist of research papers. The primary target group for these journals should be researchers.

In line with other medical journals, PNEUMON will launch a new section on IMAGES IN PNEUMONOLOGY, which will include interesting pictures of respiratory disease (histology, imaging, photographs), with a short description.

Thus, with inclusion in the databases SCOPUS1, EMBASE2, COPERNICUS INDEX, GOOGLE SCHOLAR, and now DOAJ, PNEUMON has been placed in a competitive position outside the borders of Greece3. Citations of PNEUMON papers are expected to be given in the H index4.
The first has already been recorded.

The editorial committee once again thanks all the authors and reviewers for their unreserved support of our journal. With new material and a new editorial committee PNEUMON will continue in its concerted efforts towards excellence.


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