October - December 2008: 
Volume 21, Issue 4

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PNEUMON: Through the looking glass
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In the past year the Journal has continued to improve its appearance on the web by establishing a new state of the art site (www.pneumon.gr), with the financial support of CHIESI. As seen in Figure 1 the number of visitors in the few months of its operation increased steadily to reach more than 3,000 per month, with the same trend being observed for the number of downloads (Figure 2). This trend underscores the increasing interest of the medical community in the material of the Journal, the quality of which I hope to continue to improve. A large number of hits come from visitors to the site from countries other than Greece.

Another step towards improvement has been the addition to the editorial board of three new associate editors, Petros Bakakos, Kostas Kostikas and George Stathopoulos. All the new members are young academic pneumonologists with fresh ideas, who will boost the rising course of the Journal. I heartily welcome them to our editorial board.

In the coming year further changes, both national and international, will follow in the editorial board, aimed at establishing a more functional cooperation with the Editorial office.

I take this opportunity to wish to all readers a Happy New Year, with the good news of the indexing the Journal in scientific databases.