May - August 2000: 
Volume 13, Issue 2

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A Comparative Economical Evaluation of a Metered Dose Inhaler and Breath Actuated Inhaler Releasing Salbutamol or Beclomathazone Dipropionate for Asthma Treatment
Our comparative economical study on cost differences between two discrete salbutamol (S) and beclomethazone dipropionate (BDP) release inhalers (metered dose inhalers, MDI vs breath actuated inhalers, BAI) resulted in the following conclusions. MDI seems to be 14% more expensive when it is used to release S by asthmatic patients, without any social insurance coverage, in comparison with the breath actuated device (BAI). When the devices under study where used to release BDP we also found cost difference. Pneumon 2000, 13 (2): 123-136