July - September 2017:
Volume 30, Issue 3

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Pneumon 2017, 30(3):176-187
Neuromuscular diseases and respiratory system
Authors Information
1: Department of Thoracic Medicine,
“Venizeleion” General Hospital of Heraklion,
Crete, Greece

The balance (gas exchange) between the atmosphere and the human body depends not only on the lungs but also in large part on the function of the “ventilator pump”, which consists of the respiratory control center which is located in the brain, the body rib cage, the diaphragm the intercostal, accessory and abdominal muscles. A wide variety of neuromuscular disorders (NMDs) can results in dysfunction of the ventilatory pump that can lead to respiratory failure, pneumonia and even death. Breathing disorders are recognized as the leading cause of mortality in neuromuscular disease and appropriate interventions can prevent complications and prolong life in individuals with neuromuscular disease affecting the respiratory system.1