January - March 2017: 
Volume 30, Issue 1

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Farmer with acute dyspnoea
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Pneumonology Department of General Hospital of Serres, Greece
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Male patient, aged 64, non smoker, farmer, was admitted to the ER after complaints of acute sudden shortness of breath and tachypnoea. The short-ness of breath came about suddenly after spending time cleaning animal stables and gradually worsened over the following hours.

The examination (lung auscultation) indicates that the patient shows bibasal fine inspiratory crackles and the ABG analysis shows findings of respiratory failure type I (pH 7.41 – pO2 47mm/hg – pCO2 35.7 mm/hg). Spirometry reveals a mild restrictive disorder.

The chest X-ray shows reticulonodular infiltrates (interstitial pattern) on both sides of the inner and lower respiratory fields.

Diagnosing possible extrinsic allergic alveolitis the patient was admit-ted to the clinic and put on oxygen therapy without any other treatment. Progress was noted the next day and gradually the patient showed signifi-cant clinical improvement and 4 days later an almost complete radiological rehabilitation.

FIGURE 1. Hospital admission stage.

FIGURE 2. 4 days later.