January - March 2010: 
Volume 23, Issue 1

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Pneumon 2010, 23(1):107-110
Late relapse of testicular tumour at 23 years invading the ischium with pulmonary involvement and thoracic - abdominal adenopathy. Case report
SUMMARY. Late relapse of testicular germ cell tumour is uncommon, especially with skeletal metastases. It appears that late relapse of non-seminomatous germ cell tumours presents with more aggressive biological features and is clinically distinct from early relapse. This report describes the case of a non-seminomatous germ cell tumour which recurred 23 years after the initial diagnosis and treatment. A 52-year-old man developed an ischial bone osteolytic mass which was discovered during investigation of severe pain in the hip joint. Pneumon 2010, 23(1):107-110.