January - March 2008: 
Volume 21, Issue 1

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PNEUMON: 21st volume, 21st century
With the start of the New Year, PNEUMON, which is the official publication of the Hellenic Society of Bronchology and the Hellenic Thoracic Society, enters its 21st continuous year of publication.
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The objective of the journal for 2008 is its inclusion in international databases, such as Scopus, Copernicus Index and Medline. Applications have already been submitted to the first two of these databases, and the application for Medline is in preparation. We hope that with continuing improvement in the content of the Journal, this objective will soon be achieved.

The Journal has need of the support of the whole respiratory medicine community and especially, of the academic community, in order to become fully established at both the Greek and the international level.

In this volume you will find the interesting editorial by Professor Siafakas about the place of Greek respiratory medicine in Europe. From his position as vice-president and future president of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and with his service on the ERS Executive Council for the next many years, we can be assured that he will work systematically towards this goal.

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On the occasion of the Panhellenic Conference of Pneumonology held in December 2007 in Athens, an investigation was conducted about the journal, using an anonymous questionnaire. From about 200 responses to the question “are you satisfied with the new appearance of the journal?” 86% replied well enough or very much, while 11% had not seen it (figure 1).

Regarding the content of the journal, 90% reported being very satisfied (figure 2), and in addition 89% replied that they did not agree that the journal should be circulated only in English. Regarding the balance of papers, only 22% stated that they would prefer more original studies and less interesting case reports, 36% wanted the same proportion as now, and 42.5% answered negatively (figure 3). Finally, 88% agreed PNEUMON should be included in a database.

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