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January - June 2019: 
Volume 32, Issue 1-2

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Pneumon 2019, 32(1-2):31-33, Case Report
“Metsovo Lung” with benign pleural calcifications: A CXR image with complimentary information from Ultrasound Elastography
Authors Information

1Pulmonary Clinic, General Hospital of Lamia,
2Radiology Department, IASIS Medical Institution of Lamia
3Pulmonary Department, IASIS Medical Institution of Lamia


Metsovo lung was an epidemic lung disease resulting from domestic asbestos exposure in Metsovo area of northwestern Greece, that declined after white wash ceased to be used after 1985. This exposure to thin tremolite fibers caused an epidemic of malignant mesothelioma and benign pleural calcifications in almost 80% of those above 70 years of age. A case of Metsovo lung in an asymptomatic Albanian older woman that lived in an area outside Metsovo is described, along with thoracic ultrasound and elastogaphic findings that were compatible with a benign domestic eposure to asbestos.